Hire me, Automattic!

The reason why I am making this blog.

So, I’ve been in a really tough spot in my life.  I was looking rather down on everything, feeling dread about my future.  The company I work for simply does not pay enough for me to live comfortably, and the benefits prevent me from pursuing my dreams.  I can’t go visit my friends and loved ones at all.  Any time I have to miss work due to being sick, it pulls out of my vacation time if I want to continue getting paid, so my 2 weeks a year of vacation tends to look a lot like 1 week or less.  I try to space it out by only using one day of vacation to make a 3-day weekend that I can schedule a quick trip, but I still don’t get to do those often, and it’s not fulfilling.

I have tried moving up within my company, but since I work in a department with over 30,000 people, I cannot seem to get noticed no matter how hard I try or how loud I get.  There are so few openings on the upward path that I am forced to look elsewhere.  I don’t mind supporting people.  That’s my current job.  Tech support for a major tech company.  What I want is enough pay to live comfortably, and a reasonable amount of vacation time for me to enjoy what little life I have left on this earth.  I’m 33, and I’m not getting any younger.

A close friend of mine works for Automattic and he told me about his job.  He told me what he does, and some of the benefits his job provides.  This sounds like a dream come true!  He internally referred me, and I applied, but today?  I got an email that said they did not want to interview me.  It cut pretty deep.  I applied a week ago and the whole time I couldn’t think of anything else.  This job seemed like a dream.  I didn’t realize that I was deserving of these kinds of benefits while doing something I enjoy.  I thought that since my college scholarship ran dry after 3 semesters, and that I was too broke to continue to go, that I was doomed to jobs with poor pay and poor benefits.

Automattic, you haven’t heard the last of me.  I’m going to learn WordPress.  I’m going to brush up on my HTML.  I’m going to dig deeper into CSS.  I am going to do whatever it takes to get an interview with you all.  I’m not giving up.  I want this position.  I love helping people and making a career out of that is exactly what I want.  Doing it for Automattic sounds like something I could very well get behind.

This blog will be a documentation of my progress in figuring out what all I need to do to get an interview, and to document all of the things that I learn, as well as to get practice with WordPress and learn the features it has inside and out.

Automattic, here I come.  It’ll be a long journey, probably, but I am used to working hard to get what I want.  This isn’t the first time I’ve pushed myself to chase a dream.


The Zero Days Stop Now.

So, I was feeling really down and I reached out for some help to some friends of mine.  I also reached out to some strangers on a forum-type app on my smartphone.  I was speaking with a random guy and he got me to sit down and listen, and gave me some pretty solid advice.  He linked me to a reddit post.  Ultimately, it gave me some tidbits of advice that are really good, that I need to make a reality.

  1.  No More Zero Days. — What is my biggest life dream?  My goal?  Whatever it is, I need to establish what it is, and make sure that I do at least ONE thing every day to push myself closer to it.  Sure, some days may have me down and I may only be able to do one or two things, that is okay.  Some days I may be able to crack down on 10 or 15 different things, and that is RAD!  Zero things done?  No, that is not okay.  Once that movement starts, you cannot let it stop.
  2. Three Yous. — Yes, that’s right.  There are three yous.  Past you, present you, and future you.  Thank the past you for things you did in the past to benefit you now.  Think of future you whenever you act.  Thank your present you on behalf of your future you when you do something to benefit them.  Think of all the things you wish your past you did.  Don’t let your future you feel the same about your present you.
  3. Forgive Yourself. — Forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made.  It’s okay.  If you don’t let things go and if you beat yourself up over those faults, then you’ll find it hard to motivate yourself to have a non zero day.  Forgive yourself!  Then move on, and get some stuff done!

Today, is day one of NO MORE ZERO DAYS.

Finally! Some time!

So today, I finally get some time to really dig into this WordPress blog.  Between full time work and my twitch.tv broadcasting, I haven’t really gotten much time to focus on this.  Hooray for a day off from work. 😀  Time to spruce this place up and learn more about this thing!  I’m really liking the features I’ve found so far!  This is a fun little thing to tinker with.  I’m looking forward to figuring out how it works and all of the little quirks it has.

Busy, but determined.

So, earlier today I created this account and got to get started on filling out the basic information.  Learned the basics of blogging using WordPress and honestly, it’s even simpler than SquareSpace with a lot less flashy loading things.  It’s quite refreshing, to be honest.  I didn’t get much of a chance to mess with it today, and I’m not likely to get to much of it tomorrow either, considering I have to work all day.

However, I think tomorrow I’m gonna start poking at HTML and CSS on this, and see what all I can get out of it.  I know a good bit of it from my experience as a twitch.tv broadcaster, having to use HTML5 and CSS to modify on-screen chat and follower/subscriber popup alerts.  That’ll be my project for either tomorrow or Thursday.  I’m sure doing HTML and CSS for a website is different than doing it for an on-screen chat and subscriber popup notifications.